Board 101: Basic Legal Responsibilities of an Ohio Nonprofit Board Member

Video Link (1 hour)

Nonprofit boards have the ultimate responsibility and accountability for the organizations they lead. Does every member of your board understand their legal and fiduciary obligations? Whether you have served on a board for years or if this is your first time, it is crucial that you understand and act to fulfill your legal duties to ensure accountability and transparency. Join Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio for this free webinar that will cover the following topics:

  • A basic overview of nonprofit board members’ legal duties under Ohio law;
  • Best practices for fulfilling your legal duties to your organization; and
  • Practical tips to reduce the risk of theft by creating internal accounting controls, whether your organization has 1 or 100 employees.

Intended Audience: ​This webinar is geared towards nonprofit board members and Executive Directors/CEO’s who:

  • Are new to nonprofit governance
  • Are experienced but would benefit from a refresher on legal responsibilities
  • Wonder whether your board is covering all of its bases
  • Want practical tips for ensuring your board is fulfilling its legal and fiduciary obligations under Ohio law

Speakers: Barkha D. Patel, Esq., Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio, and Stephanie L. Allgeyer, CPA, VonLehman & Company
Presented by: Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio and VonLehman & Company

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