Charitable Solicitation Registration

Generally, in forty-one states and the District of Columbia, a tax-exempt organization that intends to solicit charitable contributions from the public is required to register. This requirement to register hinges upon a number of factors. States do allow some exemptions from registration, but they are narrowly tailored to very specific groups. Understanding and complying with multiple state registration requirements can be confusing and time-consuming. Read the full article to better understand what qualifies as a solicitation and more information on charitable solicitation registration.

The webinar addresses in more detail what nonprofits need to understand about fundraising registration, including annual registration requirements; exemptions; penalties/fees; fundraising contract requirements; and increased enforcement by states.  The webinar will provide your organization with the information and clarification needed to ensure compliance.

WEBINAR VIDEO LINK  (37 minutes)

Speaker: Patrick Hogan, Esq., President of Manley Burke Compliance LLC

Presented by: Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio and Manley Burke 

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