Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,
Summer 2020 will be noted in history, as Black Lives Matter protests and the pandemic bring to the forefront many deep-rooted issues and inequalities in our country. We are fortunate at PBPO to see firsthand the good work that is happening locally to address many of these problems and are hopeful that we will rise out of this moment as a better community.
We have many “points of light” in our community, and, with your help, PBPO will continue to support and strengthen local agencies with the common goal of creating a thriving community for all.
I am grateful for our 225+ nonprofit clients that work every day to teach, train, connect, lift up, and empower those that are marginalized or disenfranchised and the hundreds of local attorneys that volunteer with us to be a part of the positive change happening in our community. I would also be remiss in not recognizing the hard work of our amazing PBPO team, who, like many of you, are working remotely while balancing an ever-increasing workload.
Please keep reading as we highlight some of the good happening in our community, thanks to YOU.

Erin Childs, Executive Director

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