Nonprofit Highlight: National Conference for Community & Justice

The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ of Greater Dayton) builds a community dedicated to eliminating bias, bigotry and all forms of discrimination. For more than 40 years,  NCCJ has been successfully opposing injustices wherever it occurs, including neighborhoods, schools, pulpits and workplaces across the Region.

Today, NCCJ focuses on education and strategies to empower current and future leaders for community transformation, focusing on three key areas:

  • Workplace Professional Development

  • Youth Leadership Development

  •  Community Advocacy and Action

“We had the pleasure of working with two remarkable PBPO attorneys on two separate projects.  I was impressed with their efforts to learn more about our organization and work before discussing the actual projects.  After a few telephone conversations, we had a plan of action which provided us with useful documents we continue to use. I especially appreciated their commitment to timelines and helpful suggestions we had not considered.  THANKS to PBPO, we have two new friends and ambassadors.”

– Mary Tyler, Executive Director, NCCJ of Greater Dayton

NCCJ’s education services include designing and delivering custom diversity and inclusion sessions in the workplace.  Some of the topics provided for companies and organizations include:

  • Diversity Skills for Today’s Workplace

  • Workplace Safety; Creating an environment free of bullying and harassment

  • Valuing Multigenerational Differences

  • Disability Awareness

  • Examining the impact of Implicit bias in the workplace

Youth programs offered by NCCJ teach young people acceptance and appreciation of differences.  Three key programs include:

  • Anytown Youth Leadership Program

  • Police and Youth Together

  • Agents of Change

To learn more about NCCJ, you can visit their website: or call Executive Director Mary Tyler at 937.222.6225.


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