Nonprofit Highlight: Clothes That Work

Clothes That Work’s mission is to clothe, educate, and empower individuals for employment success. For 25 years, they have served the Dayton community through professional image counseling, professional development training sessions, and interview preparation for local jobseekers. Recently, the organization implemented a new program, the Mobile Outreach Initiative. With the 38-foot mobile unit, named The W.O.W (Wardrobe on Wheels), Clothes That Work will be able to take its services on the go! The initiative will improve accessibility to Clothes That Work’s programs and services by helping eliminate transportation barriers clients often face.


We are truly grateful for our partnership with PBPO since 2019. As a small nonprofit, having the support from PBPO is invaluable. Without them we would have had to spend thousands of dollars on legal guidance instead of providing more services to clients. PBPO has allowed Clothes That Work to build its infrastructure, increase its capacity, and helped set the stage for projected future growth. PBPO is a phenomenal resource for nonprofit organizations, and we highly recommend their services to other organizations within the nonprofit sector.” – Cindy Garner, Executive Director

More than 38,000 men, women, and independent teens have benefited from Clothes That Work’s services. Clothes That Work partners with local organizations that refer clients in need of interview clothing to aid in the transition to self-sufficiency. In addition to providing interview appropriate clothing and training on how to dress for work, the organization also conducts seminars, gives interviewing tips, and coaches on exhibiting appropriate professional behavior. By focusing on the skills their clients need to be competitive in the interview process, Clothes That Work helps instill the confidence necessary to succeed.

The Clothes That Work education program includes a series of classes and workshops designed to equip both job seekers and currently employed individuals with the knowledge and skills that lead to personal growth and employment success. The organization’s research-based curriculum was skillfully created by a team of area professionals who specialize in workforce development and education.

Another important component of the organization’s work is The Clothes That Work Boutique, an upscale resale shop, open to the public, and featuring high quality clothing from many top designers and retailers. 100% of the proceeds from the Boutique support Clothes That Work’s mission and are often used to purchase needed items such as women’s and men’s underwear, socks, and shoes, as well as articles of clothing in sizes that are not often donated. Clothes That Work occasionally offers pop-up Boutiques at locations in the community.

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